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National Onion Labs, Inc. (NOL) is a commercial research and consulting company specializing in the agronomic management of horticultural crops in order to create quality certified produce with specific flavor characteristics.

Established in 1998, we first serviced the sweet onion growers primarily in the Southeastern United States, however we have evolved over the years to become an important service provider to horticultural growers worldwide. With staff based in the USA (NOL – parent company) and Australia (NOLA – subsidiary), as well as clients around the world, we have the knowledge, flexibility and interest in servicing clients virtually anywhere!

Company Profile

We are able to offer a range of services that can be as simple as analyzing a few miscellaneous onion samples in our flavor lab all the way to a fully customized “one-stop shop” agronomic service that includes:

  • GPS field mapping
  • soil analysis
  • plant tissue analysis
  • soil preparation recommendations for specific crops
  • fertilizer programs
  • flavor and texture analysis
  • Quality Certification regarding flavor

NOL applies the latest precision-agriculture tools, soil and tissue assessment, as well as extensive flavor analysis, to provide our clients with distinct field-by-field recommendations based upon the unique correlations we observe and measure. These measurements enable us to accurately identify complex plant / nutrient interactions and relationships which provide the foundation for recommendations we then provide to our grower/researcher clients.

NOL works with clients to better understand the ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of their crops. From experience, we know this has the effect of empowering our clients to consistently grow and harvest better quality crops – giving them an edge over their competitors-and helping them to build strong relationships with their marketers, retail stores and customers.

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