National Onion Labs Inc (NOL), which includes National Onion Labs Australia (NOLA), works hard to ensure its clients’ privacy. Our company is dedicated to protecting the personal and business information it holds on behalf of our clients. NOL subscribes to the USDA Code of Ethics as well as the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science Code of Ethics.

Strong professional relationships are established on mutual respect and trust – which remain of paramount importance to NOL and NOLA. As a part of our responsibility to all our clients’ privacy we provide NOL’s Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed at the beginning of our relationship.

NOL often holds two types of information including a) a client’s bank account and personal contact details, and b) details about a client’s farm, crops and marketing arrangements. All client information given to NOL will be used for the purpose of servicing that client only in a manner that achieves the specified contractual arrangement, or that (according to NOL) will improve that client’s overall professional objectives.

NOL can and does enter into business alliances with other companies, and on such occasions some client information may be exchanged. However, no client information will be shared with allied companies without the prior client’s informed consent. Any information shared will be used strictly for the purposes of further supporting our client’s business. Under these circumstances, information will continue to be protected in the same manner as if it were to remain solely within NOL.

Access to private client information is strictly limited to senior staff only, and is only ever used for the purposes of that client’s business. All NOL staff members have provided a written undertaking to respect client privacy. Client information is maintained such that unauthorized access is very difficult.

Other than for the purposes allowed for and in the manner described in this statement, NOL and NOLA will not release any client information to any other parties for any reason. We can assure all clients that we never reveal or sell customer lists or addresses, including e-mail addresses for the purposes of direct advertising. However, if there is a requirement for NOL to pass on to or seek information from a third party, we will do so only after the client’s permission has been given.

NOL encourages all our clients to ask us about our privacy statement and to assist us as we strive to protect and ensure client information that is held by us remains relevant and accurate at all times.

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