In 2008 global onion production was 131.2 billion pounds or 59.5 billion kilograms. This equals 19 pounds (8.62 Kg) for every living person on the planet. People use onions for their unique and distinctive flavors and by looking for the appropriate NOL certification you can be assured that the onion you choose will be appropriate for your use. Look for NOL’s trustworthy quality certification Certified Extra Sweet®, Certified Sweet®, Certified Medio™ and Certified Sizzler™ when selecting onions.

Onions with the Certified Extra Sweet® certification present the very unique combination of very mild onion flavors and sweetness. These onions are not hot, cause little to no eye tearing and have little to no onion aftertaste. Of all the world’s sweet onions, this onion is the “Best of the Best.” Because this onion is so sweet the most popular way to enjoy it is to simply eat it raw.

Onions with the Certified Sweet® certification present a very pleasant quick burst of onion flavor that clears the pallet quickly, these low levels of tearing and mouth heat leave the consumer with a lingering impression of sweetness. These onions also have little to no onion aftertaste. This onion is great for sandwiches, salads, salsas, or lightly baked as a side dish.

Onions receiving the Certified Medio™ designation have robust onion flavors with minimal eye tearing or mouth burn. These onions are excellent choices when the consumer desires strong onion flavor without the discomfort that comes with cutting, slicing and dicing pungent onions. Onions receiving this designation are excellent for home and foodservice use when piece integrity and a crisp, crunchy, glossy color and texture are important. This onion works well when eaten raw (for those desiring strong onion flavors) or cooked.

Onions receiving the Certified Sizzler™ designation are pungent with very robust onion flavors. Certified Sizzler™ is an excellent choice for full-flavored cooked applications where strong onion flavor and efficient browning or caramelization is desired. Check out these recipes for inspiration!

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