Cowart Farms

We may not be the largest sweet onion producer in the Vidalia growing region, but many would argue that we are the best when it comes to producing an “extra Sweet” sweet onion.

Keystone Fruit Marketing, Inc.

Our client since 1998, Keystone introduced a new winter sweet onion – Mayan Sweets®, an imported sweet onion grown in Panama, Costa Rica, and Guatemala to the US marketplace.

Locati Farms, Inc

The History of the Walla Walla Sweet Onions goes hand in hand with the history of Locati Farms.

Locati Jr Farms

mbrose Lacoti Farms has played a prominent role in the history of the Wall Walla sweet onion.

Pacific Agra Farms

Pacific Agra Farms has been in the National Onion Labs certification program since 2000.

Peri & Sons Farms

David Peri set out to develop a new American sweet onion back in 2000. His vision came true with Sweetie Sweet®

Sonrise Farms

While John A Calandri has been growing onions in the Antelope Valley for over 30 years, his family has been farming the Valley for the better part of the last century.

Sunset Produce, LLC

Sunset Produce is a family owned partnership between the Robert & Duane Munn families. Today, in its fourth generation, the partners are even more committed to the business with future generations in mind

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