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Food Service Professionals have always known the real path to success is TASTE. Taste sells. Taste keeps consumers coming back. Taste trumps all else. “Every PMA research study analyzing consumer expectations puts taste consistently as the #1 factor.” (Produce Business, July 2006)

NOL is a leader in onion testing and has refined its testing protocol to directly measure the flavor compounds which consumers taste. In the last 10 years many onion varieties have been developed which the pungency test alone does not adequately measure.

In order to select the right onion for the right application, taste is a starting point. Onion can be found in so many products in the market place, from fast food to fresh produce, in salsa, salads, or if you prefer, raw like an apple. NOL tests identify the varied onion flavors which helps the food service professional connect to the consumer’s taste.

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